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Who we are

We are an interactive and fully process-driven digital and design agency who values the challenge of creating brands for any business or sector. We believe that the most successful brands are those that are designed to last and foster meaningful relationships with their customers. To create this type of brand, we aim to create personalised and unique user-experiences for any project at hand. Our process begins by understanding the goals and vision of our clients and their desired customer experience. We then research and analyse the current market, identifying the best strategies and approaches for the project.


Our team of experienced designers and developers work together to create a custom-tailored design that meets our clients’ needs, working ground up from the roots of things. We also focus on creating a digital experiences that is both user-friendly, engaging and functional.


We strive to create designs that are timeless, yet modern, taking into account the current trends and the latest technology. Our team believes in creating experiences that are both memorable and meaningful while working with us.

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Our popular five steps to create, iterate and implement.

Our agency attempts to understand the vision and business intentions of the client before

moving forward with any project therefore it's vital to follow our processes listed below.

Step 1: Gather & Research

We first feed on the information from you on What, When, Where, Why and Hows of your business, including goals, vision, and target audience. We then use research and analysis to identify your customers, potential partners, and competitors. We use a range of techniques to collect data, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and market analysis. This research helps you to understand the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for growth. This helps us to identify gaps in their services and products that you can fill.

Step 2: Plan of Execution

The first step in creating a plan of execution is to define the scope of the project. It is an organized and detailed plan that outlines the steps, resources and timeline involved in executing a project. It is essential for ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget. Then we move ahead and create a solid Information architecture (IA) for websites and sketches and brainstorming sessions for design related work, ultimately sharing the expected requirements with you

Step 3: Ideas & Concepts

The next step is to brainstorm design related work. This involves creating mock-ups of the website’s design, exploring different design options and coming up with creative solutions. Once the design is finalized, the next step is to develop a timeline for the project. This includes creating a timeline for each task, setting deadlines for each task and creating a schedule for when each task should be completed.

Step 4: The Design Process

Identify the Client's Goals
The first step in a functional and process driven design process is to identify the client's goals. This should be done by talking to the client and understanding their vision for the website, digital artwork, or branding. It is important to understand what the client wants to achieve and make sure that the design process aligns with these goals.

Research the Target Audience
It is important to understand the target audience for the website, digital artwork, or branding. This can be done by researching the demographics and psychographics of the target audience and understanding their needs and wants. This research can help inform the design process and ensure that the design meets the needs of the target audience.

Define the Design Parameters
After the goals and target audience have been identified, consolidating the look and feel of the website, digital artwork, or branding aspects of the design. This should be done in partnership with the client to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the design meets the client's goals.

Create Wireframes
After the design parameters have been defined, it is time to create wireframes. This is a visual representation of the design that helps to ensure all features or design aspects to be included in a written form.

Develop the Design
This is where the fun begins as the designs should showcase a full understanding of all the previous processes, brand vision and client's expectations..

Test and Iterate
The testing process solely focuses on quality assurance of the created concept or design. This can be done by using user testing tools or by getting feedback from the client. This feedback can then be used to iterate on the design to ensure that it is meeting the goals and the needs of the target audience.


After the design has been tested and iterated on, it is time to launch it. This is the culmination of the design process and should be celebrated. It is important to ensure that the design is properly launched and that the client is happy with the results.

Step 5: Launch it!

After the design has been tested and iterated on, it is time to lau
nch it. This is the culmination of the design process and should be celebrated. It is important to ensure that the design is properly launched and that the client is happy with the results.

Our Process
Design Studio in Kathmandu

Our Capabilities

Growing new and existing businesses with consistency.

We acknowledge that for a brand to sustain, quality needs to be maintained not only in the service or product it provides but in its identity itself. And this is exactly what we assure you of. When we work with you, we make sure that whether we are working in the brand identity, print media poster design or your e-commerce website, the brand identity and values are consistently reflected for customer clarity. We follow the brand guidelines (also create them), and make sure anything we produce reflects it from top to bottom.

How to improve your brand and visual existence on an overall basis?

Visual identity is the first identity customers associate with the brand. Whether it’s the color or the font or the design, it is the immediate communicating medium you have with your target audience. That’s why not only the logo and visual existence, in general, should reflect your brand’s value, it should also talk about what your brand is and intend to be. Having a consistent tone and style is a must when it comes to branding. If you keep a certain font or color, people will associate it with you. And what can be an adverse effect of not being consistent is having confused customers and incoherent messaging.

Marketing, a big part of the sales increase.

Marketing a brand or a product nowadays means more than just creating an advertisement. Today, stories and ideas sell more products than ads. The brand image is created in the perception of each customer, therefore your brand is “what they say, not what you say”.How these brand image, stories and ideas are presented also play a huge role in the process. At Saedi Works, we believe in the power of storytelling. Tell your customers what you do, how you do it and use the tools we provide you with. Whether it’s through videos, social media posts or designs. Interacting with stories not only touches lives but also helps to push the brand further in a memorable way. Hence, our main tool is to “tell your story” not only to talk about your brand and products to reach through a large arena of audience. From strategic research and data collection, to creating materials for promotion, our marketing strategies will help your sales increase and make your brand more visible in the market.

Social media marketing, the new competitive drive of any business. How is it mastered?

Communicating about brands can be tough, especially on social media as the platforms are always changing and tweaking. After understanding deeply about your brand – the target audience, the products or services provided and so on, we come up with keywords and campaigns that highlight the brand. Depending on the platform, we create shaped-up content and captivating design to combine as a strong boost online. Our aim in social media marketing is not just to increase audience but making sure that they interact with the posts on an everyday basis, sometimes less. Hence, most of the posts would be interactive with a call of action. It should also be relatable with the current situation in the market. No matter which platform you use, it is highly important to be consistent and reliable.

It’ a complete suicide for the brand if you do not post consistently. With the attention span of customers decreasing day by day and the number of contents consumed are increasing, you will be easily forgotten if you miss out on a post to engage your audience routinely. 

Good Content, the only gateway to communication

Content has pretty much become the leader when it comes to communication. Whether it is a visual medium or oral, content is the fundamental base of any form of communication. From creating stories to telling them, content is the key to these stories. Nowadays, most of the designs are created based on the selected voice of the content. From the captions to copywriting on the designs, and from jingles to catchphrases, if you look at every form of media, you will find content writing a key factor to it. Hence, no matter what the platform is, content and narratives can be a breath-taking experience for customers, very essential to communication.

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