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Skincare Line Shines with New Brand Identity in Nepal 

Herveda Botanicals, a newly formed ayurvedic skincare line approached us to create a fresh look to cancel the noisy market of other cosmetic brands. The new logo created immediate opportunities for brand growth in the Nepalese market with its ayurvedic products and consistent marketing. With the brand's identity intact, Saedi Works created a website to showcase the brand's new set of products and their stories of nature.


Brand Identity & Guidelines

Logo Design

Web Design

Web Development



Herveda Botanicals




FINAL_PHB_homepage design copy 2.png


The client expected a unique brand face and immediate brand recognition with distinct colour palettes that matched the deep visions of their skincare line.


An eye-catching and unique look was brought to the client's table for the overall aesthetic of their brand identity together with a website that showcased their vision.


With several ideas at hand, our team was searching for a unique colour palette that matched their vision and goals for longevity.

FINAL_PHB_homepage design.png
FINAL_PHB_homepage design copy 3.png

Herveda Botanicals
Lotus Logo

Our team chose a lotus icon for Herveda Botanicals that defines the pureness and delicate brand values which stands out from the crowd.

FINAL_PHB_homepage design copy.png

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