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Gahana Online E-commerce Jewelery Experience

We created an engaging e-commerce website for a luxurious and high-end Jewellery brand in Kathmandu.

This convenient platform helped users to experience their 'Try jeweleries at home' feature and browse through

new and intricate jewelleries with an easy online shopping experience from anywhere.


E-commerce Website Development

Website UI/UX 

Graphical solutions on website


Gahana Online


2016 - Present


Gahana online website_edited.jpg


With a user interface that connected with their high-end and minimalistic brand approach, our client looked for a neat and approachable e-commerce web experience for those customers who wanted a simple and easy jewelery buying experience.


The solution was to enhance brand experience by showcasing their jewellery designs for a strong brand identity. The main purpose was to bring a clean and luxurious online experience with clarity and intuitive userexperience. 


To bring a neat online experience with a vast amount of content and jeweleries was a challenge. Content management was approached to a high-level while working on the information architecture (IA) phase.

Experience it

Go to and experience beautiful jewelries online.

It's Easy

Conveniently shop from your pocket and see which jewellery designs are in fashion currently with Gahana Online.


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