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Transcription services gets interaction
with engaging UI/UX & Illustrations

Audio Bee UI/UX 

Our team provided a sense of visual direction to this online-based work-from-home service provider, by creating a completely new brand look to engage and build trust amongst their current and new users online. Iconography reflected the variety of work they provided to their users that included audio transcription, voice recording, translations in many languages as well as segmentation. With a slight touch of vibrancy for their diverse range of workers from most parts of the world, an effective user interface and experience opened up the doors for creative people to get involved. The illustrations played a big engaging visual identity to their brand by sticking to their colour palettes and creating simple characters in motion. All of this combined brought clarity to all users which defined the business’s 'fun and engaging' intention of their online services.



Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines



Audio Bee






The client approached us to elevate their user's experience and journey on their online platform. Also to present a complete new look with a logo and brand-orientated illustration that reflected the type of services their users got involved with.


Brand colours expose the business's intention. We used vibrant colours showcasing a modern and workable environment in all the design services required by the client.


Bringing together all aesthetic elements was a challenge initially

to ultimately suit Audio Bee's brand identity as a whole.

User Interface for Audio Bee

An interactive web experience was created to grab the attention of all users when they visit the website for a work-from-home experience. Audio Bee's website was aimed to be fun and engaging to all types of audiences.

AB_Page mockups-05.png
AB_Page mockups-03.png
AB_Page mockups-01.png
Audio bee_website_336 x 280 copy 9_edite
AB_Page mockups-02.png
AB_Logo Branding_336 x 280 copy 5_edited.jpg

Brand Identity with Guidelines

The Audio Bee logo includes an easy-to-understand active 'audio' icon that fulfils

the brand's direction.

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