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Tokla Tea, Taste Behind the Scenes

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Let me share a behind-the-scenes look of what actually goes into planning and having a Product Photoshoot.

Our Experience

When you come to visit us in Saedi Works, you can develop a style for your business which complements your branding. We work with various brands across multiple verticals. Each project comes with its own unique set of challenges, and don’t we love a good challenge, here at Saedi Works.

Each brand has own speciality and around two weeks ago, we had the pleasure working on range of different tea to try and photograph, all of which smelled incredible and tasted delicious!!

About Tokla Tea

Tokla Tea is one of the oldest tea brands in the country, garnering a big loyalty base over the years. The company currently produces new set of flavors under the name Tokla Fresh Green Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Mint Green Tea and Fresh Green Tea Premium Long Leaf directly from the best gardens of Tokla Tea Estate in Ilam. Tokla tea is one of the popular leaves of Nepal. Even just one cup is enough to energize and give us clarity throughout the entire day!

The Preparation

The first step in any shoot is planning a concept and listing the props required. We were looking for a block of wood but it was difficult to access it. After much convincing, one of the carpenters we went to gave us the block we were searching for. My team bought ceramics from a handicraft store, chart papers were brought in from a stationery store nearby, and leaves, flowers and lemon were placed for decor. The last thing you'd want during a shoot is being unable to find one of the props and taking a long time searching for it. And that's exactly what happened, hence it ended up becoming a very tiring day while trying to find that prop - the perfect spoon.

After a week of preparation, we scheduled a time for the photo shoot at our studio in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Photographing the Tokla Tea is as enjoyable as its aroma. We shot all products on different white, blue, and green background which not only looked great, but also offered the flexibility in using the images for different purposes.

Photography Session

Here, let me tell you what's involved with this kind of shoot. We tried different combinations like splashing effect, and pouring the tea put off the pot and settled for what worked better. Creating an image to sell a product is challenging. We tried to get the perfect shot with the perfect setup of backdrop, lighting, and camera angles while also preparing a cup of tea to get a nice shot of ti tea steam to bring the feel of the brand in the photos. We did all the mandatory shots and group shots. It almost took three assistants and two days of amazing experience to finish the work while enjoying every bit of moment.

Final Results

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