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Featured on Living Magazine 2023

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The Special Edition Living (ECS Media) of our Creative Director.

Location of Shoot: Apricus Café Nepal | Gahana Pokhari, Tangal, Nepal

Wardrobe: The Suit Studio

Featured ECS Living 2023 Saedi Works
Featured ECS Living 2023 Saedi Works

Himsheela Bharati

Founder/Creative Director of Saedi Works, an 8-year-old design and digital studio that thrives to create and celebrate with brands, offering bespoke creative services, where ideas are driven by vision, strategic thinking and extensive research, She says...

"Ours is a place where design has no limits and success knows no bounds. Blossoming with creative perspectives and fresh methodologies, we thrive to create futuristic designs that uplifts brands to new heights. Let's work together to unlock limitless possibilities together."

“A good design can flip the narrative completely.

That's why we help businesses understand the true power of design.”

Featured ECS Living 2023 Saedi Works
Featured ECS Living 2023 Saedi Works

2. Can you walk us through how you’ve captured the brand identity with examples of recent projects you’ve worked on?

While working on various projects, our approach solely focuses on tapping into the essence of the brand vision where we push all set boundaries of current cultures to create an idea that reaches its potential best. Building a brand’s identity encompasses well-crafted designs but it also promotes concrete growth of your business’s longevity with conversion-driven designs.

While working with new businesses such as, Vitasnap UK, Apricus Café Nepal and Herveda Botanicals, our ideation and outcome sparks instant connection, aesthetic brand knowledge and leaves an impactful brand legacy and desire to know more. Most importantly we listen, custom-carve and craft premium brands through sophisticated and sustainable design choices.

3. Can you share the latest experience of the project your team has worked on?

The objective was to aesthetically strategise and implement a suitable design and content direction for The Suit Studio (TSS) socials, aiming to communicate bespoke tailoring experience and showcasing an epitome of elegance with their fashionable crafted suits. Here is what they said.

“The current summer campaign's execution by Saedi Works is truly mind-blowing. Their expertise in curating Instagram grids is nothing short of amazing. The innovative approach of naming suits and providing distinct labels, an idea brought by the team, has been a standout success. Himsheela's client-centric approach, guiding us toward the best choices is precisely why we cherish our collaboration.”

Featured ECS Living 2023 Saedi Works
SMM for The Suit Studio 2023

4. Design often involves working closely with clients and cross-functional teams. How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration throughout a project?

It’s important to sit back and analyze the bigger picture and goal of any project. Instilling the root idea with the team is vital to carve out design directions which then leads towards a more suitable end result than anticipated.

Working with clients is a different ball game altogether. Being empathetic yet logical has heightened project experiences with an array of businesses. With a clear navigation and determined leadership quality, our work is thoroughly valued by all our clients.

5. Design trends evolve rapidly, how do you stay updated with the latest trends, stay inspired and drive your motivation?

Trends and tastes always evolve over time in all given scenarios, but authentic, fresh and purposeful design sense is gathered through cumulative daily inspirations. It’s about making time to incorporate what you love, scrolling hours on end on design-focused website/socials and discovering your personal style with a minimum of 70% research time for any current project.

6. How does the company differentiate itself from other similar companies out there?

It’s not about us. We make it all about you, your brand or business! Seeking deep into the root narrative of a brand story, we reimagine, encapsulate and build towards an ever-lasting design-led solution, highlighting your brand’s legacy.

From start to finish, we communicate and are hands-on with only 2-3 projects at a time to strictly focus on building brands with authentic vision and purpose. Clients connect with us if they wish to create an extraordinary, innovative and out-of-the-box design experience in an international level. The real experience starts when you’re on board.

7. As a designer, do you have a fashionable style that suits you?

Himsheela Bharati at Apricus Cafe
Location: Apricus Cafe

Himsheela Bharati during magazine shoot
Apricus Cafe Nook

Magazine Shoot at TSS
The Suit Studio

A pair of comfort white sneakers, A&C headphones for full concentration and colourful attires radiates positive vibes while I’m on work-mode. However, during corporate occasions my fashion sense is explored by flaunting tailor-made suits, mostly navy or white ones designed by The Suits Studio. The culture of wearing suits occasionally still hasn’t sunk into the hearts of Nepalese people but I would love to make this a trend for all women entrepreneurs.

"The real experience starts when you’re on board."

Magazine Article of ECS Magazine 2023

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