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3 Tips on choosing your next Digital Marketing or Design agency for your Business

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Agencies will always be there to pitch your organization for idea’s and hypothetical business expanding based opportunities through marketing or brand identity etc.

Nepal a Growing Market

Nepal is growing constantly in terms of tech based knowledge that results in progression and on its journey towards a more tech-savvy or tech-educated society which gives marketers and brand creators an opportunity to expose their working portfolio, whether it be design, development or marketing to create a platform for themselves. But the question is, what makes one decide and choose whether to work with an “Agency” or a “Freelancer”?

Freelancing is the new preferred expression that every professional would like to commit too in the world of content writing, graphic designing and developments in all forms. Expecting to run a marketing campaign from one person is nearly impossible and chances of seeing results are very slim.

Yet working with an experienced “Agency” concludes to a lot of work being done with precision and also having an organizational structure will focus on the many “To-Do’s” that are totally compulsory and alongside will complete the task with perfection in comparison to a “Freelancer”. As a result, an “Agency’s” tasks and responsibilities will have a higher chance of creating and delivering a successful campaign which will reflect on the work being done.

1. Recognition & Referrals (Testimonials)

Agencies will always be there to pitch your organization for idea’s and hypothetical business expanding based opportunities through marketing or brand identity etc. But the work might be different in comparison to what they have promised and might under-deliver, therefore referrals from a trusted “Mentor”, “Family” or “Friend” with working experience with a particular agency should be mandatorily taken. Always ask for referrals and the key point being able to understand if what you vision can or would be delivered to you by the recommended agency. If not keep looking for the perfect partner.

2. Working with Perfection (Unique Selling Points)

Working with digital or marketing agencies that mostly have a unique selling point is obligatory and they should be concentrated towards perfection rather than finishing the work and just passing it on is the major alteration. For instance, a simple “Website Design & Development” can be created by almost every agency but how well its executed makes a huge differentiation.

Looking for experience through the agency’s portfolio is not only enough, but being able to analyze the presented working showpiece and being able to be far-sighted and to criticize the reasons for the set-up and placement for a particular project is the most crucial step while choosing an agency, so always ask “Why It’s there” and “What is the reason behind it” and according to their explanation you should make the decision of working with a preferred agency.

3. Business & Marketing (Working Experiences)

At the end of the day it all comes down to execution and digital assets, strategic planning and decision making combined with working experience. Being able to pre-create a campaign with gathering all contents beforehand and having the ability to plan ahead of time with strategy is what is needed to create a successful campaign. Finally, being able to thrive for excellence and creation of momentum is marketing. Concepts and strategies is the fundamental to marketing based success and one’s uniqueness might be a campaigns game changer. The important question is to ask you agency representative “How he/she see’s the company grow and what can he/she can actually do to make a change”

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