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Tokla Tea Promotional Posters to elevate the experience of tasting
various flavoured Green Teas


Tokla Tea is one of the oldest tea brands in the country since 1966, garnering

a big loyalty base over the years. With our contribution and creative expertise,

Tokla Tea had envisioned customised artworks for their new set of green tea flavours. This meant that the designs had to be vibrant and visually appealing

so people understand what the green teas are made of.


Promotional Posters

Photography & Editing


Tokla Tea




Tokla Tea Mockup V7 copy.png


Green Teas

Promotional Poster Designs

The Challenge

Directly from the best gardens of Tokla Tea Estate in Ilam, the different flavoured fresh teas needed promotional posters that visually heightened the experience of tasting these different green tea flavours in Nepal. Our team created these poster designs for each of their flavours with imagery that enhanced the feeling of tasting these new set of green teas in Nepal.

Tokla Tea Mockup V8.jpg


Various experimentations were performed during the photoshoot which included splashing effects, pouring the tea put off the pot and settled for what worked better.. Creating an image to sell a product is challenging. We tried to get the perfect shot with the perfect setup of backdrop, lighting, and camera angles while also preparing a cup of tea to get a nice shot of ti tea steam to bring the feel of the brand in the photos. We did all the mandatory shots and group shots.


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