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The Last Resort Nepal Merchandise

The Last Resort are as wild and adventurous as their adventure sports which include a high cliff-top gorge above the wild Bhote Kosi River, Bungy jumping with your partner in crime or even just relaxing in an intimate space with your friends and family. Our team were commissioned to create engaging and quirky merchandise designs that fully represented 'The Last Resort' to their wide range of customers.



Merchandise Design


The Last Resort






The Last Resort's mission was to market their adventure sports such as 'Tandem Swinging' and 'Bungy jumping' for new customers to join. Their expectation included creating clean-cut and simple illustrations that represented the brand in an adventurous and fun-loving way.


The solution included creating fun and interactive merchandise designs, for immediate customer connection with bright and relatable illustrations. Updating the 'speech bubble' contents was also an option for the brand to update their customers in the near future.


The illustrations and character style needed to match the brand's quirkiness on an overall basis, which was a challenge. These in-action and cute illustrations worked as giveaways to old and new customers who recently joined. This has definitely helped them to connect and market the brand further.

Try it, if you haven't already!

What's more existing than doing a Bungy jump in 2022?

What would your speech bubble say?


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