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Content Creation for The Suits Studio 

Zuleika and their sister brands, Gahana Online and Gahana Griha had commissioned us to create designs for their brands' social media pages on different platforms. Staying within the boundaries of brand's visual identity, Saedi Works designed posts that resonated and portrayed back to their high-end jewellery fashion look.


Social Media Marketing

Content Writing & Management



Gahana Griha

Gahana Online


2022 - Present


The client expected sleek and fashionable designs to showcase their intricate and exquisite gold and diamond pieces on social platforms.


Keeping in tact the brand value, value of words to describe their jewelleries, Saedi Works managed to create a fresh jewellery style for all their collections.


It was a challenge to plan the online visual presence for three different interlinked brands. We understood the separate brand values and worked accordingly.

Social Media Goals

We set the brand's social media goals by creating fresh content prior to the first of the month and executing designs to meet the brand's voice.

Phone Case

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