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Medical Card Game



Character Illustrations
Developing Sketches
Graphic Design

Ace Advergames



Our team was commissioned to create an educational card game that provides medical advice to individuals above 6 years of age.

The concept takes a higher value of the local pharmacies in France to provide the games to customers who take advice from the pharmacist. The game aims to not only provide medical advice but to help individual implement the right methods if they come

across an injury of any sort. This game also promotes the chain of pharmacies in France. 

Main banner.jpg


The objective was to produce a sample for a promotional card game for a group of French pharmacies.

With their given concept, we created six heath professionals who provided medical advice. Serving the purpose to help people implement certain ways to heal any kind of health issue.


Approachable characters were designed using their brand colours! Our team hoped to bring fun yet realistic character illustrations that was showcased as the main game identity to the game box and card front design.


The challenge was to illustrate the exact scene the client had described of the back card design. Here the individuals needed to understand what the health professional's advice was at first sight.

Design cards horizontal layout.jpg
Box layout.jpg

"I enjoyed exchanging ideas, seeing the progress made on
the proposed visuals & how
Saedi Works used our brief &
gave life to the characters"

It was a pleasure to work with Saedi Works! They have produced some great visuals and we are very happy with the final results. The visuals looks great! I would be happy to work with them again in the future! They are very customer-focused and communicate very well!

Co-Founder at Ace Advergames

Cyril  | 

physio only.png
All characters showcase.jpg

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